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If you are an outdoor grilling enthusiast, it is likely that you have heard about the revolutionary Big Green Egg grill. The Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile cooking devices in existence, and it has set a new standard in grilling technology. Although the Egg costs significantly more than other charcoal grilling devices, the money spent on it is a terrific investment in your culinary future. If you enjoy grilling and you are ready to take your cooking to the next level, perhaps it is time to invest in one of these amazing kamado cookers.
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The various Big Green Eggs

The Big Green Egg is classified as a kamado grill. Kamado devices are traditional Japanese cooking vessels that use charcoal as a fuel source. Traditionally, kamado cookers were earthen or clay units used for steaming or cooking food items indoors. These devices had been used for centuries when they were finally introduced to the western world shortly after World War II. These days kamado grills are known primarily as outdoor cooking devices, and they are usually made from high-grade ceramics. The newer materials used in creating these grills are more durable than traditional materials such as clay. In fact, one of the major faults of kamado cookers is the fact that they can crack easily. Thanks to modern ceramics, this fault has been corrected on the kamado cookers of today such as the Big Green Egg grill.

Founded in 1974, the Big Green Egg company has become the foremost maker of kamado-style cooking devices. The company manufactures five different sizes of the grill ranging from Mini to XLarge. The Mini model is a great entry-level cooker for the backyard barbecue enthusiast. It features a 78.5 square inch cooking surface which is large enough to grill two chicken breasts at once. By contrast, the XLarge model features a 452 square inch cooking surface. This massive grill is able to cook two 20 pound turkeys at the same time. The models in between the Mini and the XLarge give consumers the most popular sizing options available.

Cooking with the Big Green Egg is incredibly easy. Once you ignite the charcoal, you can regulate the temperature with amazing accuracy by adjusting the vents located on the bottom and top of the unit. Since the device uses the most advanced ceramics, you can raise the temperature of the grill’s interior to over 600 degrees without the outer surface becoming dangerously hot. By making simple adjustments to the vents, you can bring the temperature down to as low as 200 degrees for smoking or steaming. Thanks to the Egg’s versatility, you can cook virtually any type of food using the device. In fact, special accessories allow you to prepare foods like bread and pizza perfectly.

Traditional charcoal grills are terrific for many purposes, but they are difficult to adjust; plus they do not retain heat efficiently. Moreover, no charcoal grill offers the versatility of the Big Green Egg. If you are ready to take your outdoor cooking to the next level, you should invest in one of these amazing devices. Once you become accustomed to cooking with your Egg, you may never use another device to cook again.
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